Monday, March 3, 2008

Hills Star Loses Stepbrother

The stepbrother of Hills star Heidi Montag, aka L.C.'s former bff, died last Thursday due to a freak accident at a Colorado hotel. 24-year-old Eric O'Hara, (whose mom is married to Montag's dad) a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, had just recently returned from a 15-month stint in Iraq. While cleaning snow off of the roof of the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel in Steamboat Springs where he was working, O'Hara slipped and fell off of the sloped roof when a piece of ice broke loose.

Montag, who spoke with, described O'Hara as "patriotic," a brother who she "loved more than anything" and someone who she used to see every weekend, during the summers, and holidays growing up. Having yet to meet the infamous Spencer, Montag says, "He was very much a brother to me. He called me his sister, not his stepsister. He was always like, 'I love you! I have to meet Spencer and make sure he's cool to you!' Just like a brother."

Montag also said that O'Hara had plans to return to school. "He was just back [from Iraq] and was ready to go back to school. He went up to Steamboat for the weekend where my dad lives."

- Erin Dustin

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