Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hills Recap

So the hour long season premiere of the Hills on Monday left me with both a bad taste and a good taste in my mouth.

1. Mariah Carey claimed that she absolutely loves watching the Hills but I refuse to believe that she's ever even seen an episode until that night.

2. Whitney and Lauren: How DARE you not know how to pronounce "Givenchy" and you're in fashion and there's a camera in your face!

3. Once the paparazzi is caught taking pics of reality stars while the reality show is being taped, its time for a series finale. Lauren's no longer a reality star she's just a celeb.(Did anyone else catch the pap-snap as the girls were leaving Colette?)

4. Mistakes of an intern (cuz nothing that they did would go down in the "Real" world!)

A. NEVER put going to pick up your dress before getting the job done!

B. NEVER stitch a designer LOAN gown and then go to a club with it on. I gagged when I saw her preparing to do this!

C. NEVER put you beauty supplies next to your designer LOAN gown. That was actually hilarious because Whitney didn't seem to care at first.

D. So now Lauren the man gives you a loan and you hop on a Vespa?? Yeah...NEVER!!! Just NEVER!!!

5. Spencer looked like he gained the marital weight before the wedding even went down!

6.What a dream to meet a semi-hot French rock-star and take mini-tours around Paris!!?? Loved the Eiffel Tower scene

7. Seemed like Lauren got to be more hands on than Whitney but I'm super happy that Whitney is finally finding her way!

8. Kimball...I love you!

9. I'm starting to feel some kind of way about Audrina because why would you make an international call just to tell your friend that the man she likes is showing off his new girlfriend?

10. Heidi's Stepdad to Spencer : "What the heck?!!!" Spencer to the Stepdad: "Yeah I'm a complete loser and it would be a much better moment if you just hit me with that shovel."

Clearly I made that up cuz Spencer's an idiot for going all the way to CO but I love Heidi for making him feel like an idiot at the dinner table with the folks!)

All in all an awesome premiere and can't wait 'til next week! The Heidi drama-train has just left the station!!

- Crystal Hines

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